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The main theme of our website is Musicology and Music Creativity.

The information at is intended for students of musical schools, colleges and academies, musicologists and music teachers, but also will be interesting and useful to amateurs and music lovers.

There are several thematic areas:

1) Musical creativity: teaching and learning of music composition and improvisation.

2) Theory and History of Music: information on the study of theoretical and historical musical disciplines (polyphony, harmony, theory of music, history of music, analysis of music forms).

3) Musicology library: information for musicologists.

English version of site is still under construction.


The information in section Music Creativity will be interesting to everyone, who studies or learns to compose music and to improvise. There are books and programs on a Composition and Improvisation.

Section of Music Theory offers the materials on theoretical disciplines from courses of musical schools and conservatories. At present includes: music theory and solfege, harmony, polyphony, musical analysis. This section especially will be useful to the students at preparation for examinations.

In section of Music History it is possible to find the materials on a history of music and music literature, including materials on early music. This section also is recommended to the students at preparation for exams.

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